Resident Pledges to Lose Weight this Holiday Season to Run in Race

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With Thanksgiving Day here and Christmas not far behind. The holiday season is often also the 'eating season'. But as Chris Smith tells us... One local resident is going to defy the odds of the holiday weight gain by losing weight and running in the Biggest Loser Run/Walk on December 30th.

"It was just this bag of Cheetos sitting on my counter and I was like... I never buy Cheetos. Why am I buying them now? and Then I was like... I am done! I'm done. I am going to try and turn this around."

That was the moment when Chris Critchlow decided he needed to change his lifestyle. Now 35 and over 300lbs he knew serious health problems were not far away.

Like most... Chris did not become overweight... overnight...

'The first 20lbs were the hardest ones to put on and it just seems like ever year I get older there's another 5 lbs and I always tell myself I am not going to be this big next year... and I am that big next year.'

So far Chris is down 4 notches on his belt. Taking it one day, one step, and one meal at a time.

Instead of 2 liters of soda he now drinks water and instead of those Cheetos... He snacks on veggies like carrots.

Once unable to run down the street... He can now run over a mile.

But Chris knows he would not be able to do it without the support of his friends at work, and his roommate Trish...

'I read just about everything I can about nutrition so I think I have been helpful with food advice although I don't always make the best choices myself i do know what the good choices are to make and how you should eat properly.'

It is that support that motivates Chris to want to run a 1/2 marathon next year and he is eager to offer his own support to pay it forward.

'It has really touched me to have as many people care and help me as they have been. I just want to be able to help and care for somebody next time around too. If anyone needs any support for losing weight... call me up. I would be more than happy to help you in the same process that I am going through right now.'

Right now Chris is preparing for the 5k on December 30th. Because of his dedication.... I decided if Chris could run his 1st 5k, that I could try my 1st half-marathon. We would love to have you join us... For more information just look for this story at for all the race information. See you December 30th at Pier Park!

Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race Information

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