Residents Discuss Cat Issues at Bay Point

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Concerned Bay Point residents met Tuesday night to discuss the growing problems of cat trapping as well as address the recent problems of cat mutilation. Many discussed the problems but all are trying to focus on solutions.

About 40 residents made their way to the Bay Point Wyndham Resort hoping to get answers about what happening in the Bay Point neighborhood.

"I want it to be a wonderful place and that's why everybody's here," said Lynn Yarbrough, Bay Point resident and meeting organizer. "We're not giving up on it. It's a great place that right now we're going through a spell and we have a problem but we're pulling together and we're gonna solve it."

One of the residents' main concerns is the sanction trapping of cats by the Bay Point Community Association board. One of the board members attended the meeting and said they set the trapping program to help with feral cat, but residents say they've only caught 3 cats and none of them were feral. However, others believe the problem goes deeper.

"This is an animal cruelty issue. The animals are not being properly treated," said animal advocate Romney Speerschneider, "they're not being returned to their homes in a timely manner, they're being taken off the property and released to animal control."

Residents circulated a petition they plan to present to the board asking them to stop setting traps for small animals and encourage residents to do the same.

"We just felt we had to get ourselves together to share this information and be able to present something powerful to our community association that says this many people are really passionate about finding a solution," Yarbrough said.

Residents plan to hold a follow up meeting with the community association in October to present their suggestions.