Residents Help Police Catch Alleged Machine Molesters

Robert Treadway

Local investigators are crediting a couple of residents for helping them catch a couple of would-be thieves.

The robbery happened Sunday night at the Coconut Grove Motel on Front Beach Road.

The residents noticed two men dressed in dark hoodies enter the courtyard of the motel.

They heard a loud clanking sound, then saw the hooded men come back through the hallway and get into a green pickup truck.

The suspects apparently tried to break into a vending machine.

One of the residents got the pick-up's license plate number, then ran to the motel office and called police.

“I was alerted by a crowbar dropping, everybody heard the crowbar drop inside when they popped the lock from the vending machine and we came out and they hopped into a green truck right here," said witness Richard Gibson.

"I chased them down, jumped on the back of the truck went probably about 45 feet ,50 feet out to the highway right here and got the tag number jumped off and went into the office and told the office to call the sheriff's department," said witness Corey Shuman.

Bay County Sheriff's deputies arrested Brian Keith Esminger and Robert Bradley Treadway near the corner of West 15th Street and Frankford Avenue.

They've booked into the Bay County Jail on charges of molestation of coin operated machine and petty theft.