Residents Learn Tips On Foreclosure Purchases

With nearly 2,000 foreclosed homes in Bay County alone, when in the market for a home, you're bound to run into a several options.

"Whether you're actually look for foreclosures to purchase or you're just looking for a home, most buyers will be confronted with non traditional sales right now," said Denise Quintana, a local realtor.

Saturday, local real estate agents held a workshop for residents interested in buying foreclosed properties - which can sometimes be a great way to get a deal.

Attendees heard from realtors, lenders, title agents and home inspectors about the different things to look our for when purchasing a foreclosed home.

"You need a title agent, you need a home inspector, you need a good realtor that can guide you through the process," said realtor Diane Rushing. "Getting a team to help you so they're not just going into it blind siding I think is one of the most important things."

The event was free to the public, allowing them to ask questions in a time when numbers of foreclosed homes is seemingly on the rise.

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