So. Walton Residents Oppose Parking Lot Construction

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"I moved here because it is the nostalgia of old Florida, the slow pace” said Walton Dunes resident Charles Wilson.

But residents like Charles Wilson are worried plans for several new parking lots along the 30-A Corridor, will erode some of that nostalgia. Debra price agrees.
"Walton county is looking for additional beach parking which we understand there is a need for it, but they're trying to pave paradise to put up a parking lot.”

The Walton County tourist development council is proposing new parking areas near the beach accesses in the Santa Clara, Montigo and Walton Dunes neighborhoods.

"This is a residential quiet neighborhood. This parcel is considered a neighborhood beach access. What Walton County is attempting to do is put a parking lot on both sides of the narrow, winding neighborhood street" said Lakewood resident, Debra Price.

"I’m opposed to it because I think the quality of our environment here is really what draws the tourists and draws the residents" said Walton County Commission-Elect Cindy Meadows.

What residents of the 30-a corridor are most upset about is the potential of several parking lots being constructed in areas where there are perfectly good parking lots that hardly anyone uses.

"We have fourteen empty parking spaces seven hundred feet from this access point that is never used” said Debra Price.

Walton County Commissioners would have to approve the plan. Residents are hoping the commission will take their side into consideration before making a decision.

"Will it affect my way of living yes, because there will be lots more traffic, safety issues, neighbor issues” said Charles Wilson.

Residents' safety concerns include street congestion, land development code violations, and a threat to protected sand dunes.
The incoming county commission will take up the proposal next week.

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