Residents Oppose to Florida Public Utilities Rate Increase

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MARIANNA Some Jackson County residents voiced their opposition Tuesday night to a proposed rate hike by Florida Public Utilities.

The Florida Public Service Commission held a public hearing in Marianna to get feedback on the proposed increase.

FPU wants to increase rates by 34%, which would bring in around $5.8 million to cover operating cost and pay investors.

While most customers are against the rate hike, some are willing to compromise.

"I don't mind a small increase.Then turn around and use that money, not as investments, and for pay increase or for bonuses. It needs to be invested, one in this area, in the people that they are servicing to improve infrastructure and to bring FPU up to neighboring electric providers," said customer Scott Yant.

"To be able to continue to operate, we have to ask for the rate increase, and so although we understand what people are saying, we also need to make sure we're able to continue to provide," explained FPUC’s Director of Sales & Marketing Aleida Socarras .

Public Service Commissioners will hold another public hearing in meeting Fernandina Beach Wednesday night.

They won't vote on the proposed rate hike until December.