Residents Respond to Apparent Cat Mutilation

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PANAMA CITY BEACH Signs have gone up in the Bay Point neighborhood warning residents about animal mutilation after one family's cat was found in pieces. Neighbors say that several cats have gone missing.

Sandi Hasek's cat, Skeeter, went missing nearly three weeks ago.

"I'd been to every shelter , you know, we looked everywhere you could possibly look," Hasek recalls, "Saturday morning a runner came to our house and said...they found part of a cat."

That part was the bottom half of Skeeter Hasek says - and Monday morning his head was found.

"If a person would do this to a cat, what would they do to a child or another human being? It's just horrifying to me. It's hard for me to keep my composure when I think about what they did to my cat."

While the Bay County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident and security in the Bay Point neighborhood has been ramped up, residents are also trying to help - putting up fliers in their post office warning those who live there to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

"I just can't imagine somebody being that cruel," said Hasek. "To keep a cat that long and then chop him to pieces. I just don't understand it at all."

Residents are urged to call Bay Point security as well as local law enforcement if they find anything else. Animal control says they will also be following up on the incident.