Residents Speak Up for Blountstown Teacher

Residents stood together at Tuesday night's Calhoun County School District meeting in support of Janet Edewaard. She's facing punishment for her handling of what her supporters call a case of bullying.

"I think that the student that intended harm on another student deserved punishment and with a zero tolerance policy that does mean up to expulsion," said Aimee Hanvey. "I do not believe that the teacher, the educator, is being treated fairly."

Officials with the school board say the student received in-school suspension, but had no proof that bullying had taken place and with that knowledge, school officials say the teacher's initial response, pulling the student from a class play causing her to lose a grade, was possibly too harsh.

"There is a question of lack of professionalism," said superintendent Ralph Yoder, "and in terms of consequences for this teacher, we have done our internal investigation and there was a reprimand placed in this employee's personnel file."

However, until the Department of Education of Professional Practices wraps up its investigation, residents will have to wait to get all the information.

"In the school system they do not feel like this incident was bullying," said Michelle Thrasher, "unfortunately we don't have all the facts and the parties involved are not able to speak to tell us whether it was a bullying incident or not."

Edewaard could face several different consequences once the investigation with the Department of Education has finished, however Yoder does not believe that she will lose her teacher certification as a result of it.