Compass Lake Residents Upset Over Possible Assessment Fee

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JACKSON COUNTY-- Residents in one Jackson County subdivision may be digging deeper into their wallets, and are not happy about it. Some claim they were left in the dark about a possible assessment increase, until it was too late. Now residents are planning to fight back.

Fixing up dirt roads in Compass Lake in the Hills has been a problem for John Laymon for quite some time. The subdivision lacks enough funds to adequately repair them.

Laymon's solution is to raise the subdivisions annual special assessment fee from $135 to $150.

"We were hit several weeks ago with almost two feet plus rain, in two specific rain events and our roads were just sieged. We just have a real problem," said Compass Lake Community Manager John Laymon.

Laymon presented the idea to the board of county commissioners during their budget meeting last week. Most residents had no idea the topic would be raised.

"I think they should have let us know,” said resident Robert Sego. “I really do. I don't know why they didn't."

That's lead some to protest the fee. Commissioners are expected to vote on the assessment Tuesday night. Several residents say they plan to convince commissioners raising the fee is a bad idea.

If this increase passes, Laymon says that it can only cap at $150 and it would have to be renewed every year.

"Next year we will go through the same process, make the determination whether we need the $15 again or not. We request that the assessment be at $150 or something south of that," he explained.

However, not everyone is against the fee increase.

"I think it goes for a good, good reason and I'm for it. I don't drive the dirt roads, but I feel sorry for the people that live on them," said Sego.

Laymon said the additional funds would bring in around $85,000 a year.

Last year, Laymon presented this same idea to commissioners, but they failed to pass it.