Construction Runoff Raises Concerns

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Panama City- Some residents in Bay County are concerned about possible pollution in Burnt Mill Creek.

Burnt Mill residents are blaming construction work taking place along South Burnt Mill Creek Road.

Construction crews are using broking pieces of asphalt on some of the dirt roads in the area.

Barriers in the water are supposed to keep the asphalt from washing into the ditches, and continuing into the creek.

Residents say the barriers were not in place when Thursday’s rain came along.

"It's a major contamination of the creeks right now. They put up the barriers this morning, but if I wouldn't have called the EPA and got after them, there wouldn't have been barriers put up. It would've just ran into our creeks," said Rodney King.

The Department of Environmental Protection inspected the creek on Thursday.

They did find sediment issues in the water, which could potentially cause problems for vegetation in that area.

DEP officials cannot yet confirm the source of the contaminants.
They will continue their investigation.

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