Resource Officers in All Schools in Florida

A cop in every school will cost a minimum of 62,000 dollars per school. There are 4,200 schools in Florida. The price tag: 263 million. Subtract the 64 million already allocated for safe schools and the deficit is still 200 million dollars. A similar plan was first floated in 1999 by a Select Committee on School Safety.

Now, Wayne Blanton of the Florida School Boards Association says parents are demanding action.

"I think we have to respond and make sure our parents are very secured that the schools are safer for their children," said Blanton.

Chris Haley spent 25 years as a cop, working in and around schools at every level. He says the money would be well spent.

"When you have already someone assigned to the school. You have somebody that knows everybody. That knows the issues, that knows the ins and outs of what's going on," said Haley.

Teachers are also speaking out.
One thing that teachers are telling administrators is that they want to be able to lock their classroom door from the inside.

Haley and a resource officer confiscated a handgun from a student at a high school two weeks ago.

"We really didn't have to worry that much. We were in safe hands," said Brielle Crooms.

When asked if having a deputy on campus made that happen, Brielle responded, "Yes, it really did".

School Board says they also want funding for updating crisis plans at all 4,200 schools in the state.

Legislation has also been filed to increase the number of guidance counselors with hopes of detecting trouble before it erupts.

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