Collapse on Construction Site Sends Two to the Hospital

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- High wind gusts are likely to blame for a wall collapse that trapped construction workers at a site on front beach road, near Hill Street.

"Rain came and we came inside because of the rain and luckily less than five minutes we would've been under that,” said Rick Sanchez, Owner of AA Electric.

Panama City Beach Fire Rescue got a call around 7:45 a.m. that five people were trapped on the top floor.

"There was five on the top floor, it came in as five trapped,” said John Kibler, Panama City Beach Fire Rescue. “Then it down to three trapped and when we got here there was two that had injuries from the fall.

Electrical workers were under this roof waiting for the rain to stop when all of a sudden they heard a big loud noise and this wall collapsed.

Officials say a gust of wind likely knocked over some roof trusses, causing the wall collapse.

"It started to rain and we heard this big crumbling noise coming down, domino effect, that's when we saw the roof collapse."

Paramedics took James Hendrix and Ricky Fesler to bay medical-sacred heart for treatment.
Their family members were shock by what happened.

"He just told me to go to the hospital and I asked him what was wrong,” said Shelby Fesler, victim’s family. “And he told me about the roof collapse and my cousin and my brother were going to the hospital."

"They said the ambulance came and got my cousin and I thought my brother was gone too. It's just crazy,” said David Frix, Victim’s Family.

The investigation into the incident is continuing.