Resurfacing of Lynn Haven Streets Approved

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LYNN HAVEN - Lynn Haven has decided to approve a bid to resurface some of the city's streets.

The work is to improve some of the city's worst roads that have been patched for years.

Three companies bid on the job.

City officials accepted the low bid of almost $210,000, from Roberts and Roberts, Inc. out of Tallahassee.

Walter Kelley, Lynn Haven's Mayor said, "We have $250,000 we're spending on street paving and we're gonna begin that very shortly and there's, I think, five or six streets involved and we're ready to get on with the program."

Work will begin next week on Highway 77 from Highway 390 to 5th Street, East 17th Street, East 10th Street from Hwy 77 to Illinois Avenue, and two blocks of Colorado Avenue from 14th Street to 12th Street.