Rick Scott's budget includes 10% cut for public schools

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Panama City-- Governor Rick Scott's proposed budget is not good news for Florida's public schools. The plan includes a 10 percent cut in education. That amounts to $17 million dollars for Bay District Schools.

Board members discussed the effects during their first budget priorities workshop Tuesday afternoon.

Those priorities include Surfside Middle School and Callaway Elementary School renovations, bringing all schools to the same technology capabilities, and continuing to comply with the state's class size requirements, which cost $2 million dollars this year.

So, Superintendent Bill Husfelt is concerned about another budget cut.

"I don't want to come across as complaining because everybody's having a hard time. I mean, we understand that. But at some point you know, we can't continue to educate the students the way we're supposed to educate them if the budgets just keep getting cut and cut and cut. And so it's going to impact the classroom," said Husfelt.

The district has lost $92 million dollars in revenue over the past four years. The board will advertise the district's tentative budget in July.

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