Road Closings - Friday - Bay, Walton, Washington Okaloosa

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is providing an update on road and bridge closures and restrictions in Northwest Florida due to heavy rainfall. All rail, airport, transit and seaport facilities are functioning as normal, with the exception of the Intra-Coastal Waterway between West Bay and Destin which is closed..

Bay County

· State Road (S.R.) 392A (Middle Beach Road) has re-opened to traffic.

· Business U.S. 98 from Bayou Drive to Cherry Street is closed to traffic.

All Bay County-maintained roads are open with the exception of the east end of Tram Road. Crews are working to repair the damaged section of that dirt road.

Walton County

· S.R. 81 is closed at Old Ward Place and Rock Hill Road. Traffic is detoured at Rock Hill Road to U.S. 331. Northbound traffic is detoured to U.S. 331 and S.R. 79.

South Walton damaged roads have not been confirmed by Deputy. Units are working to confirm reported damage.

Report area-
1.) Central 8th ST. Flooding

2.) S Wall St, the beach access #3. Caller advised the RD has washed away approx. 15x4. The sand is also washing away. Public works has been notified.

3.) Chat Holly & Rhodes Cove has approx. 4 inches of water over the road.

4.) Wood Beach Dr. advised water from the wetlands is approx. 15ft from her house.

5.) East Pinehurst Drive is flooded with water over the roadway.

6.) Montigo Ave…Homeowners advised they are flooded in, advised the road is completely under water. Approx. 2 -3ft of water.

7.) Quincy Circle on the West side is approx. a foot under water.

8.) Pelayo Rd caller advised there is heavy flooding.


10.) Multiple areas on Forrest Shore Dr. are underwater but still passable.

11.) Peachtree Cir- water flooding into the house from the roadway- Sink hole reported in the area.

12.) Forest Shore DR and surrounding roads can be removed from list. Not holding water at this time.

13.) South Holiday and US Hwy 98 intersection water is still approx. a foot deep on South Holiday. US Hwy 98 doesn’t appear to be effected.

14.) Culvert at Bonnie Lane is blown out in Bunker Creek. Everyone in the neighborhood is trapped.

15.) East Nursery and Tranquility approx. 100yds of water 3-4”, is still passable.

16.) South Walton Lakeshore DR. Approx. 1 foot of water in front of the beach front trail.

17.) Area of 111 Lake Cswy- Citizen advised water is over the roadway poss. driving hazard.

18.) Area of Pine ST the road is under approx. 18inches of water. Called in by citizen.

19.) West Hewett- The pond is now overflowing over the roadway @ 1451 road department advised they will be posting signs but not closing down the road.

20.) 600 Block and 1100 Block of Don Bishop Rd has approx. 1-2 ft. of water

21.) CO Hwy 395 & East Point Washington Rd is still under water, several places washed out . signs have been placed.

22.) Eden Gardens parking lot is under water.

23.) Water on Driftwood Point had subsided as @ 1542 but still has some area with water crossing.

North Walton damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Indian Creek Ranch Rd is closed.

2.) Deer run east has a lot of damage. Several vehicles have gotten stuck. County responded to adcheck the area.

3.) Eight Mile Bridge has water at the bottom of the bridge.

4.) Per EG10 – possible microburst in the area of Water Oak St, causing a pine tree to lean over roadway. 7/4/13 at 21:39

5.) CB Whitehead RD & Pervy Campbell RD unable to drive down with a car. Water is no longer across the roadway.

6.) Spence DR & State Hwy 81. Water is over the road 40 yards east of the intersection. Water is moving, not standing.

7.) White Creek Rd has standing water in the road before the bridge.

8.) State Hwy 81 & Co Hwy 183 no water at this time.

9.) Byrd Crossroads 181C & 181A half of the road is covered but passable.

10.) Morrison Springs Rd has some standing water, road is passable. Park & both bridges to the boat launch are ok, no water on the roadways.

11.) Nancy Darby is not passable, the road is under water. Around the 1000 Block of Nancy Darby about 15-25’ of roadway is washed out. Water is about 2-3’ deep. At 5:52, barricades present.

12.) Water is up to the bridge at Hwy 181 C West at 8 mile. Water is not over the road yet.

Freeport damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Dead River RD is closed.

2.) State Hwy 81. Shut down south of Windmill. North of Windmill to the Holmes County line is open. DOT is on scene

3.) Bunker Rd is closed

4.) Steelfield RD is closed.

5.) River Rd is closed.

6.) McKinnon Bridge RD is closed.

7.) CO Hwy 3280 is shut down from Smoke House Lake RD to Magnolia RD. Large wash out at Magnolia RD.

8.) Seven Runs Park is still under water.

9.) Black Creek Rd area of Dowdle Gas still has water over the roadway.

10.) JW Hollington north bound lane has standing water but passable.

11.) Layfette Creek water is approx. a foot from the bottom of the bridge.

12.) Joe Campbell is not passable.

13.) Old Jolly Bay & CO Hwy 3280 still has a lot of water flowing over the road. Approx. 1 in deep.

14.) Joe Dugger road is not passable.

15.) Four-mile bridge water is approx. 5 feet from the bottom of the bridge @ 2043

16.) Antioch Cemetery RD road is washed out but passable. End of the road has standing water.

All county dirt roads in Washington County are closed.

Flooding Update in Okaloosa

Okaloosa, FL – Public Works road crews are assessing damage caused by yesterday’s rainfall. We would like to remind all motorist to use extreme caution when traversing roads that are wet and if the road has standing water on it, turn around and find an alternate route. Updates will be sent out periodically. The tree on Yellow River Baptist Church Road has been removed from the travel lanes and the road is open.

The following bridges remain closed:
West Kelley concrete bridge
West Kelley timber bridge
Rockhill Cemetary bridge

The following roads remain closed due to flooding:
Looney Road, at bridge
Old River Road, at Horse Creek
Meigs Drive in Shalimar
Live Oak Church Road in Crestview
Jordan Road in Escambia Farms (at new cross drain)
Old Antioch Road at Ashley Drive intersection, Crestview
Old River Road at Dead Fall Creek, Baker
Lynnwood Jackson near Shockley Springs Intersection (access Vinson Ray Road)

Several roads have water crossing the road for a short period of time and then receding. These areas are signed and being monitored. Motorists are reminded to be watchful of other drivers and road conditions and to be on the lookout for flooded roads. If the road ahead is flooded, turn around and find an alternate route. Flooded roads may hide the fact that the roadway is washed out underneath and as little as six inches of rushing water can force your car off the road.

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