Road Rage Leads To Felony Arrest

A road rage incident on State Road 85 Sunday evening had an unexpected and potentially dangerous impact on a
motorcyclist heading north around 5 p.m.

Deputies say it involved the vehicle of 29-year old Thomas
Biddle, (being driven by his wife), a black sedan, and three

Biddle’s car was passing the sedan at a high rate of speed and had pulled alongside it when Biddle began to yell at the driver. Biddle then threw a water bottle at the car from the passenger side window. The bottle missed the car but hit a motorcyclist in the chest traveling approximately seventy miles an hour behind Biddle’s vehicle.

Deputies say the Crestview resident’s actions created a hazard
that had the potential to cause great bodily harm or even death to
the motorcyclist.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged Biddle with
throwing a missile into a dwelling, vehicle, or aircraft.

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