Road on 30A by Redfish Village Reopens

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It has been a controversial topic since the road washed away during heavy rains and flooding in August.

Crews worked quickly to repair the problem and business owners are happy with the temporary fix.

"It has been a lot better since the roads opened up everybody was very worried about that because when people are on 30A they don't want to have to go back to 98 for anything,” said Steve Underwood, Owner of Treasure in Paradise.

“According to the engineers and experts that road is sound. Now if we had another rain storm like we did in July and August back to back we would need to recheck that again,” said District 5 Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

For some business owners their biggest concern is how the construction to put in the permanent road will affect their businesses.

"Just so there is traffic access available. That was the whole problem was people had to go back to 98,” stated Underwood.

The county has a new plan for the project.

"It will be open for another six to nine months until we put in the permanent bridge at that time we will have to close the road, we hope to do it one lane at a time so the road isn't closed for more than 45 days,” said Commissioner Meadows.

County officials are waiting for the proper permits.

"We would have to get permits to get the permanent bridge, which according to our engineers would take a year from the Army Corp of Engineers,” said Meadows.

Commissioner Meadows says Congressman Jeff Miller is helping in the permitting process.

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