Rodney Andreasen Named Emergency Management Director of the Year

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Marianna- The time to prepare for an emergency, is not while in the midst of one- and nobody knows that better than Rodney Andreasen.

"We're in an emergency mode 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year" he said.

He's a busy man, but what keeps him so busy is often overlooked he told us. "First thing that comes to mind is hurricane season because that's what we deal with in the state of Florida. But, if people realize, emergency management directors- basically one tenth of one percent is hurricanes- it's all the other stuff that goes on day to day."

But the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association has not overlooked his work. The group named Andreasen the Emergency Management Director of the year.

"It's based on stuff that you've done over your career and recently and it was just an honor to get the award" he told us.

Andreasen told us he would be traveling to Tallahassee in March to be recognized by Governor Rick Scott and his cabinet. It was an honor he didn't taken lightly.

"You know there were several people nominated for this award" Andreasen explained, "and again it's based on your peers and back ground." But, it's like I tell people all the time, when your soaring with eagles it's hard to soar with eagles because all my Emergency Management Directors are great."

Andreasen said good working relationships with partners such as the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Marianna Police Department and the County's Roads and Bridges Department all work together to keep the community safe.

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