Roe V. Wade 40 Years Later

For the last six years, Bound 4 Life has held weekly prayer vigils at the State Capitol seeking an end to abortions.

"We're all here. It's forty years since Roe V. Wade passed," said Jared Olsen.

The group likens its struggle to the fight to end slavery in America.

"A certain race, certain people weren't fully human. These aren't fully people yet," said Olsen.

In recent years, anti-abortion forces have won legislative battles curtailing a minor’s right to an abortion without parental consent. They've also legislated that every woman seeking an abortion be given an ultrasound test.

But in November, voters soundly rejected a constitutional amendment that would have set the stage for making abortions illegal and making insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortions harder to get for public employees and others.

Last year, there were nine anti-abortion bills filed in the state legislature. None of them passed and so far this year there has been just one file.

The National Organization of Women says there is a war underway and they are winning.

"A majority, a vast majority, super majority we call it in Florida, have spoken up in support of a woman's right to choose," said Barbara DeVane with Florida Now.

In 2008, 94,000 abortions were performed in Florida that accounted for about one in four pregnancies.

While abortion statistics are not available for 2012, the state did see 212,000 live births.