Romney Bus Rolls Through Bay County

The Mitt Romney "Stronger Middle Class" campaign made it's way through Bay County Tuesday, but the star of this tour is not the candidate.
It only took 12 hours notice for close to 150 Romney supporters to showed-up Tuesday afternoon at Capt. Anderson's Restaurant.
They were there to greet the key element of the stronger middle class tour-a bus.
The bus that rolled through has become part of the identity of Mitt Romney's run for the White House.
It is one of many the campaign is using to reach voters.
In fact, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan are on a bus this week in Ohio.
But candidates or not, every bus carries Romney's message.
"The grassroots efforts that Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan have seen so much personal ownership from the citizens of Northwest Florida getting excited about a race," said state representative Jimmy Patronis.
Supporters, like Patsy Finch, brought their own homemade signs and flags.
"What America's all about. Working hard and then giving to others,” said Finch. “And there's a big difference between giving and being charitable and being forced to share."
Finch believes Romney will rebuild America, based on the principles of hard work and free enterprise.
"Those of us who live in Northwest Florida feel like our concerns are falling on deaf ears,” said Patronis. “This is an effort to bring together a good group of folks that feel passionately about what's right."
Many of Tuesday's supporters said they are worried about Florida's natural resources..
"It's very important that we get these issues dealt with in congress so we can more forward and get people back to work," said Pam Anderson, of Capt. Anderson’s restaurant.
Elections officials expect about half of Florida's voters will cast early ballots.
Patronis said that this type of event helps to energize people to get out and vote, either early or on election day.

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