Ron Jon Surf Shop & United Way Host Beach Cleanup

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- A plastic bag and a pair of gloves was all you needed to pitch in during Sunday afternoons beach clean up.

"We say we're the world's most beautiful beaches and we want that to be true," said Bryan Taylor, President of United Way of Northwest Florida.

Nearly 100 locals participated in the 8th Annual Beach Cleanup held by Ron Jon Surf Shop and United Way.

"This year more than every year I've heard the community speak out about how much they care about our environment, our beaches, and just keeping panama city beach a place where families can come and enjoy it," said Sarah Taber, Assistant Manager at Ron Jon Surf Shop.

For every person that volunteers in the cleanup effort, Ron Jon donates $10 to United Way.

"Every dollar raised is important to our community. That money goes back out to the agencies in our community who help serve the people in the community," said Taylor.

Volunteers say because of all the bad publicity Panama City Beach received over Spring Beak, they wanted to come out to show tourists that Panama City Beach is still a family destination and locals care about our beaches.

"I think that if we come out here and show the tourists that are out here that we're cleaning up, we care. We do care we want to keep it beautiful for the people that come visit," said volunteer, Allenay Simpson.

Many families used the opportunity as a learning experience for their kids.

"We thought it would be fun for them to give back and do something for their community that is tangible that they can see," said volunteer, Sabrina Parker.

Ron Jon Surf Shop donates up to $1,500 to United Way during the clean up. Ron Jon also raffled off a $400 surf board during the clean up this afternoon.

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