Renovation of Governor Stone

ST. ANDREW, Fla A national historic landmark vessel is about to have a homecoming in St. Andrew. It’s the newly renovated Governor Stone.

Kay Cherry is with the Friends of Governor Stone. “The Governor Stone is solidly built and beautiful all at the same time. Schooners like this were built to last but it took the help of some friends to bring her back to life."

"We started this project eight months ago, really it started for our Captain, Bill Hamilton several months before that when he wrote the grant and had the vision. As we've gone through this eight months we've seen that vision come to life."

This ship hasn’t had it easy in her 137 years. "We know for a fact that she was sunk three times, she's been beached by several hurricanes and she has always come back, She's a tough old lady."

Maybe, but she caught the attention of Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki. "We're so proud to have it in Panama City and its going to be on display for as long as we know in St. Andrews."

And what’s next for this special ship? "She'll have to be, have some more work done, but she's a tough old lady and I think she'll be around for another hundred years and I hope people will keep sharing her story."

And back in the water is where the Governor Stone belongs. So future generations can appreciate the craftsmanship of an era long passed.

The mayor will proclaim Saturday as Governor Stone day and then the ship will make its way to the St Andrew Marina and the public is invited to attend to view the ship.

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