Rutherford High School Band Director Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - Hopefully you've shown your child's teacher some extra appreciation during this, Teacher Appreciation week. Each week we acknowledge one of Northwest Florida's deserving teachers with the Golden Apple award, this week's recipient is the band director at Rutherford High School. Not one, not two, but several students nominated Mr. James Colvin for the honor.

As the sounds of "Skyfall" descend on the Rutherford Band room, it's clear these students take their music very seriously. By demanding excellence, director James Colvin has helped instill a sense of pride in these young musicians. "He doesn't do it in a forceful way, it's more of like "you can be better, be your best," said Kiera Lindsey, one of the students who nominated Mr. Colvin. "He is just a great teacher, he expects nothing but the best from us, he gives us the best instruction," said Nathan Patterson, another student nominator. "He and the band are so particular about the music that they play and how it's played, we call them the sound of Rutherford High School," said Rutherford Assistant Principal Beth Patterson. "I have had a lot of teachers and he is by far my favorite," said student Juli Fraser, another nominator.

Mr. Colvin is a man of many talents, leading the band, eurythmics classes and the auxilary, students have a respect for him and each other. "The kids have a wonderful sense of community about them, they really want to work together and do well as a team and we try to emphasize individual accountability within a team concept," a strong leader continuing a proud legacy. "We have made "superiors" for the last 45 years in a row and it's just a great band program. I just want to continue that legacy."

Mr. Colvin also wanted to thank the fraternal order of police, who gave him a scholarship to Troy University two decades ago, allowing him to teach today.