Rutherford High School Social Studies Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

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PANAMA CITY- This week's Golden Apple winner teaches social studies at Rutherford High School. Ms. Faith Holman was nominated by not one, but two former students. Here's a portion of the nomination: "Ms. Holman was one of those teachers that really tried their best to make you successful. She prepared us for AP test in 9th grade and most of us did really well. She's easy going and really tries her best to make the class easy and fun."

Students and colleagues alike say Ms. Holman turns economics into a life lesson, and makes history come to life. "Students love her because she makes it (history) come alive. She will tell you about the personalities, and the conflicts, and the love and the drama that goes on behind the scenes of the facts that you learn in history," said Beth Patterson, an assistant principal at Rutherford High School. "I think especially with history, I concentrate on the story part and try to tell it as a story. I quite frequently will use quite modern terms and colloquialisms and southern dialect to tell the story of Egypt or Italy or Asia or wherever we may be," said Faith Holman.

Student Thong Nguyen is one of two students who nominated Ms Holman. "She is a very special teacher, she wants every one of her students to be successful." Those who have her for economics agree. "She is really easy to get along with and you can tell she really cares about the students," said Taylor Benavides. "Ms. Holman, she is just a good teacher, she is lovable. She cares about everybody and she is there if you need help with your work," said Fester Little.

"We don't always get the affirmation that these students have given me today, but it is in those moments that you know that you made a difference," said Ms. Holman. Congratulations to Ms. Holman, this week's Golden Apple award-winning teacher.