SRDs on the J-O-B

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Bay County's three new School Resource Deputies are settling into their new assignments.

The School District hired two, and the Sheriff's Office supplied the third to put an SRD on every middle school and high school campus.

It's Deputy Derek Williams' first day at Jinks Middle School.

He's meeting staff and students, and learning his way around.

Jinks Midddle School Student Dakota Fletcher says, "I get bullied a lot. I'm excited he's here, cause that means a lot less stress on me, on the entire school and staff, teachers, parents, everybody."

Bay County Sheriff's Office's Major Tommy Ford says, "Deputy Williams has previous experience with coaching kids and that job is really as much about coaching and mentoring those kids."

School Board Member Steve Moss, who proposed the Buy Two, Get One deal a month ago, also checked in in the SRDs Friday.

He believes Deputy Williams is a perfect fit for Jinks.

Bay County School Board Member Steve Moss says, "Standing back and seeing him interact one on one with the students and already on his first day on the job, trying to create those relationships with those students, trying to get on a first name basis with them, sharing with them some of his background and so hopefully maybe they'll share their background."

Jinks has shared an SRD with Merritt Brown and Everrett Middle Schools the last few years, to save money.

In fact, the campus usually received SRD assistance if administrators requested it.

Jinks Middle School Principal Janice Salares says, "You can't put a price on safety so we are literally doing our happy dance and all of the middle and high schools right now including our alternative schools have our own in-house school resource deputies."

The other two new SRDs are deputy Tim Cyr at Breakfast Point Middle School, and Deputy Conway Reeder at Surfside Middle.

School Board Members will be voting on a two year SRD contract during next Tuesday's meeting.