STARS Teens Give Back

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PANAMA CITY-- Most high school students are working summer jobs or just relaxing, but a local group of students from Bay and Rutherford high schools are spending their vacation giving back to the community. They're part of a group called STARS.

These tools weren't just helping to build the ramp, they're helping to build relationships.

"Once I got in, you just love it. I always have fun. Plus you learn, you get new friends, meet new people, get to do new things," said STARS member Markies Goodman.

"The group I'm with is some good guys you know we have fun laugh, we joke around. But we get the job done," said STARS member Jasper Hollowan.

Markies and Jasper are part of a group of local high school students known as STARS. They spend their summers working on different projects to benefit the community, or those in-need.

Wednesday they built a handicapped ramp at Mozell Waddell's home.
"It's great to see these young men they could be doing anything else, but they are helping the needy and their elders," said Homeowner Mozell Waddell

"We have top ten students, we have students who have guys that are going on to football scholarships. So that just lets you know the products that come out of Panama City," said Panama City North CRA Manager Toni Shamplain.

These kids could be doing anything else this summer, but they're here lending a helping hand.

"We're also providing a great opportunity for the students because it teaches them to give back to their community," said Shamplain.

Jeremy Gilliahan has now been a part of STARS for three years.
"The biggest lesson in it all is teaching us the importance of doing what you love," said STARS member Jeremy Gilliahan.

"I can't even thank them enough," adds Waddell.

STARS has projects lined-up through the summer.

The next stop is Tyndall Air Force Base.