SWFD Receives Grant To Update Call Center

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The South Walton Fire Department Call Center has been up and running for seven years. This week the department is honoring its ten 9-1-1 operators during National Telecommunications Week.

"It represents a time to celebrate in honor of the men and women who work behind the scenes. They're that initial voice that a person calls during an emergency" said South Walton Fire Department Fire Marshal Sammy Sanchez.

But that's not the only thing these men and women are celebrating. News came this week the department is receiving more than 3-hundred thousand dollars in grant money to update the call center.

"The grant is the assistance to fire fighters grant and it's for a new cad, a new radio system. The cad is computer automated dispatch console and radio consoles" said Communications Director Lynnette Doyal.

"It's going to enable us to enhance our services to our community to our customers. Our personnel are going to be able to do a better job” said Sanchez.

Doyal says the new system will make dispatches' job easier to help those in need.

"It's going to upgrade the technology and the abilities of the call center to be able to locate and assist the citizens of South Walton" said Doyal.

The upgrade is expected to take place later this year. In 2012 the call center answered more than fifteen thousand calls.