Sacred Heart Announces $30 Million Expansion

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Doctors, nurses, local dignitaries and residents gathered at , Sacred Heart of the Emerald Coast Tuesday afternoon to hear the announcement about the hospital's future.

Administrators say they're are expanding the entire facility, to meet the healthcare needs of a growing population.

With fewer hospitals in the surrounding area, they say expanding just made sense.

"The growth that this community has experienced and the recent demand for healthcare in our community,” said Susan Davis, President of Sacred Heart Health System.

The $30 million project will expand inpatient services and the birth center, as well as emergency and pediatric services.

"So people don't have to travel, so they are able to get world class care here,” said President Roger Hall. “It’s not that we should have everything, but we should be the gateway to that care."

Hospital personnel will need to raise a little more than $7 million of the $30 million cost.

"When we first opened our hospital, we operated with $53 million, we raised $20 million. I am confident we will partner again with our community to bring that compassionate care from their generosity,” said Hall.

Over the next six months administrators will discuss the design.

Phase one will take a little more than a year.

It involves expanding the emergency room, ICU, and observation rooms.

After that workers will start the birth center expansion.

In addition to expanding the emergency area, hospital administrators plan to build an upper floor for the birthing center.