Save Lake Seminole Day- Locals to Protest Jim Woodruff Lock Closure

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Chattahoochee- Several weeks ago, the US Army Corps of Engineers' announced they planned to close the boat lock at Lake Seminole. Local residents have been recruiting supporters against the move.

Opponents have designated Saturday as, Save Lake Seminole Day. They've asked boaters to travel through the Jim Woodruff lock as many times as possible to protest the proposed closure.

Local fisherman, Marty Butler told us he visited Lake Seminole 36 years ago, and has been hooked ever since.

"I moved here in 1976 because of Lake Seminole. It's some of the best fishing, 38,000 acres of the best fishing- then and now, I've ever experienced" he said.

But, Butler's been worried he wouldn't be able to enjoy the lake the same way after October 7. That's when the Corps of Engineers said they would close the lock.

"We're trying to revitalize downtown Chattahoochee. We're hoping that one day, who knows, we can have a tram or a trolley" Butler said. "People could get on their cell phone and say, 'Hey, we're in the lock. We want the trolley to pick up 14 people to tour your little town.'"

Other residents felt the same way. That's why they've organized a floating protest on Saturday in hopes of changing the corps' mind.

"I hope that they've got a gazillion boats going through here on Saturday" Butler said. He told us closing the lock would not only hurt the local economy, but also be the beginning of other lock closures.

"You've heard about the water wars between Georgia, Florida and Alabama. And if they can't solve the water wars, I really doubt they're going to solve one lock set at Chattahoochee, Florida" Butler explained. "But, what I'm trying to say is, one lock set at Chattahoochee, Florida- that starts it. Once this is closed, why would they even keep the other ones open?

The army corps claimed the Jim Woodruff lock was unpopular and costs more than it's worth to keep open.

Even without a boat, Save Lake Seminole supporters are invited to participate. Festivities will be held at Seminole Lodge this Saturday from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

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