School Board Standing By Mosley Principal's Decision in Alleged Hazing Incident

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PANAMA CITY - Bay District school board members quietly listened to the father of a Mosley High School student voice his concerns over his son's suspension last week, along with a number of band members.

"What I want you all to do is immediately reinstate those kids and do a proper investigation in terms of what actually happened," said Johnny Walker, a Mosley High School Band parent.

Last Tuesday, Mosley administrators say upper-class members of the drum line called freshmen members into a hallway for a hazing ritual.

They allegedly turned off the lights, then threw drum sticks and drum mallets at the freshmen. A parent called Mosley's band director, who passed it on to Principal Sandy Harrison.

Although board members did not respond directly to the parent's comment, they're supporting harrison's decision.

"Anytime a student does anything to pick on another student, the principal's responsible for dealing with that. Mrs. Harrison and I have talked about this. I believe that she talked to all of the students and did the appropriate thing for each student that was involved," said Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

Harrison suspended the band members from three to ten days.

"It was a knee jerk reaction and it's unfair to the kids who's futures are being potentially ruined because they played a prank," said Walker.

Administrators addressed the entire band last week about the incident, stressing the serious repercussions for hazing.

The school board will not be conducting a separate investigation into the alleged hazing incident.