School District Considers Shutting Down Bozeman Elementary Program to Save Money

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Third grade teacher Janet Davis is a part of the original teaching staff at Deane Bozeman Learning Center in Sandhills, her tenure dating back 13 years when the school first opened its doors.

"I'm here because I want to be here," said Davis.

But she may have to find a new job next fall. She found that out Monday when Bay County School Superintendent Bill Husfelt told the 15 elementary teachers the school district is considering closing that portion of Bozeman to save money.

"Really just makes me sick to my stomach," said Davis.

And although Husfelt assured they would be employed somewhere in the district if district officials follow through with the plan, Davis said the frustration and sadness comes from the 13 years of history that could all come to an end.

"At this point we really don't know what to do. The memories that we have here we want to continue. We don't want them to delete and fall by the wayside," said Davis.

Principal Josh Balkom, who said he doesn't support the idea either, told NewsChannel 7 memories aside, the change could also have a detrimental domino effect.

"The more students you have, the more funding you have coming in, the more programs you can offer, the better services that you can provide," added Balkom.

Although the school district claimed nothing is set in stone yet, Bozeman officials aren't wasting time building their case.

"I would put our faculty and our students up against any other, and I think the numbers speak for themselves," said Balkom.

"We are not giving up without a fight. As a family we're going to stand united," Davis said.

If the plan becomes a reality, the district said the elementary students would move to either Deer Point or Southport Elementary Schools.

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