School Solar Power

PORT ST. JOE, Fla. Port St. Joe Junior and Senior High School has become partially solar powered.

The school used a 100-thousand dollar grant from Duke Energy to pay for 40-solar panels and their installation.

On clear days the panels can generate 10-thousand watts of energy an hour. It's not nearly enough to operate the entire school. But it can power about 3-large classrooms.

Science Department Chair and Teacher Scott Lamberson sees the addition as more than just free solar energy. "We are studying waves and things now, to move us to light, then to electricity. They are going to be able to actually see the energy it's generating, and then the cost savings for the school. So it’s a good thing where they can really see some good numbers."

Lamberson says the solar panels will nearly be able to run the entire school during the summer, when very few people are on campus.

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