Liberty Co. School Supt. Under Fire for Personal Use of County Credit Card

School Superintendent Gloria Gay Uzzell, a 1979 graduate of Liberty High School in Bristol, is under fire for running up 12,000 dollars on a school district credit card.

Board Chairman Kyle Peddie brought attention to the records of Uzzell's expenses at Tuesday night's school board meeting. Peddie says he recently learned Uzzell got the ten-thousand dollar limit credit card from a local bank.

But since taking office in January, Uzzell has racked up more than 12-thousand on that card, with mounting interest and fees.

DoubleTree Bills - $3,144
Hyatt Regency Bill - $1,097
Dillard's - $1,015
The Loft, Tallahassee - $710
Stein Mart- $341

Her priciest charges include multiple hotel stays in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, racking up more than three thousand dollars on two Double-Tree stays, as well as a thousand dollar shopping spree at Pier Park.

Uzzell also used the credit card for minor expenses like an exercise video and super cuts.

She calls several charges a mix-up, saying she wasn't wearing her eye glasses and mistook the school district credit card for her personal credit card.

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