School's Out for Bay County

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School's out for the summer! Wednesday was the last day of school for Bay County students and for many it's a time to reflect.

Administrators and students have achieved many goals, but are looking to do more next year.

Bay County students have gone home for the summer, but both students and administrators say they've got big plans for next year.

Bay County students aren't thinking about next school year right now. At 11:40 Wednesday morning they were home free and starting their plans for the summer including getting a job and going to the beach..

While students are looking forward to a break, school officials say it's been a year of change with the bring your own device policy implemented and a change in federal guidelines for school nutritional lunches.

Administrators at schools across Bay County say they've also been grappling with change.

"It was the first year for all our students and teachers on a seven period day. We've previously been on the block schedule, so we had a little bit of a challenge," said Assistant Principal Brian Bullock of Bay High School.

"I think after the first year that our students have gotten used to the new food, they do miss their fried food and salt. I will say that," said Principal Shirley Baker of Everitt Middle School.

"This has been the most stressful year that I've had in 32 years but it's also been the most rewarding year," said Principal Harriet Taylor of Springfield Elementary School.

It's also been a rewarding year for the district too.

"I think our graduation rates are very high. I think the amount of scholarships that our students get. I think that our test scores, even though the standards have risen and the state continues to require more and more, I think we're meeting those challenges," said Superintendent Husfelt.

Administrators and school officials tell Newschannel 7 they're planning to increase the use of technology in classrooms next year.