Scott Cancels Events to be with Ill Mother

Esther Scott was at her son’s side the day he became Florida’s 45th Governor.

“I’m so proud of you. I love you,” she told him.

Now, he is at her side in a Kansas City hospital. Scott cancelled his schedule to fly to her bedside, tweeting a message seeking prayers for her before leaving.

The fact Scott even became the 45th Governor is due in part to a commercial that he spent millions airing.

Until the spot, Democrats were gaining traction by hammering the former health care executive accusing him of fraud.

Esther Scott changed the dynamic. “He’s a good boy. He’ll get Florida back to work.”

“Her commercial resonated with voters. And it’s easy to see why if you know her. I spend some time with her at the convention and prior to that. She’s sharp as a tack, good with and cares about people. And she raised a great son, and she demonstrated that in the commercial,” said RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry.

Since being elected, Scott speaks frequently of his mother, from a prayer service in May, “She made me go to church a lot. She told me when I was in Methodist Youth Fellowship in seventh grade to quit singing. I still remember that, and I bring that up to her often.”

To a literary event in August, “My mom pushed me top read all the time. It paid off.”

First Lady Ann Scott lost her father in January and her mother early last month.

The Governor’s Office is being mum on the Governor’s plans or his mother’s condition.

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