Scott Poll Numbers Awful

Florida voters, by a 52 -30 margin, told pollsters that Governor Rick Scott doesn’t deserve a second term.

"Again these are not good numbers for Mr. Scott," said Peter Brown.

Even Republicans, by a 53- 30 margin, say another Republican should challenge Scott in a primary, even though 63% say Scott is doing a good job. Quinnipiac says while voters like Scott’s policies, they don’t like him.

"It appears to be as much personal as anything else," said Brown.

Former Governor Charlie Crist has a 47 - 33 favorable among all voters, with 65% of Democrats giving him a thumbs up. Alex Sink, who ran against Scott in 2010 has just a 27% favorability even though she has run statewide twice before.

“It’s perhaps a little surprising given that she was a Democratic nominee for Governor," said Brown.

In a year end interview, we asked Scott what he would do differently seeking a second term.

"Mike, I ran on a very specific campaign seven steps to seven hundred thousand jobs over seven years. I let people know what they were voting for. I'm going to keep doing that everyday," said Governor Rick Scott.

If there is a quirk in a poll it is that it talked to registered voters not those voters considered likely to vote in a non presidential election.

Off year elections usually bring out fewer minorities and more white males. Males who tend to vote Republican.

Scott's favorability has dropped to just 31%. He has an unfavorable rating of 43%. Scott is already taking credit for an improving economy, but the poll suggests more credit is going to President Obama than to Scott.

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