Scott Signs Non Political Tax Cut with a Political Message

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Starting in September, motorists will save about 25 dollars a vehicle under a roll back of the state’s motor vehicle fees signed into law Wednesday. The 2009 fee hike and today's rollback are generating some political sniping.

As Rick Scott prepared to sign the vehicle fee roll back, he made it clear who he thought his likely 2014 opponent was responsible for the increase. "In 2009 Charlie Christ raised this tax on all Florida families that have a car."

But many of those celebrating with Scott, including House Finance and Tax Chairman Rich Workman, were the same people who voted to raise the fees in 2009. "So, I did what I thought was right at the time."

Senate President Don Gaetz says he held his nose five years ago. "But we were given a stark choice of closing hospitals, closing schools and placing, we talk about vulnerable Floridians in even more jeopardy."

Landscaper Lee Hampton wasn't aware of the Governor's pending cut, but... "I feel very good about that. That's good.
Reporter: Does it make you more likely to want to vote for him?
I don't talk politics."

The new lower fees kick in on September 1st, that's Labor Day. And tax collectors expect a line around the block the next morning for people who delayed their August renewals.

One hundred eleven thousand people bought a tag last August. If they wait to renew, Santa Rosa Tax Collector Mike Nichols says they risk a ticket. "Park the vehicle, don't drive it. Come in and renew it in September and then you're legal."

People who register late do have a ten-day grace period for paying a late fee. The state says registering online September first will prevent people from being ticketed for an expired tag.

The Governor sent a letter today telling Tax Collectors not to offer a two year registrations again until after the fees go down. And Budget writers called the idea of giving refunds to a half million people who will have a whole year on their tags when the fees are reduced as fiscally irresponsible.