Scott Vs. Crist: Who’s Counting?

Governor Rick Scott spent a good part of the day getting reports on everything from a decreasing bond debt to ranking potential land purchases.

As Scott approaches the beginning of his third year, his priorities haven't changed. "They want jobs. Two, they want education for their children so that they can live an American dream. Three and they want to keep the cost of living low."

While lagging in popularity, no reputable challenger has been on the horizon until now… supporting President Obama.

Former GOP Governor Charlie Crist says the Republican Party left him.

Crist tweeted a photo on Friday announcing that he is becoming a Democrat. In a phone conversation with the traveling Crist, he says he will spend the holidays considering his options.

Crist says the Republican Party left him. "I love Florida and I love people and you know the opportunity to possibly serve them again if I decide to try that is something that we'll just have to wait and see."

But if the former Governor hasn’t made up his mind, just about everyone else in a political world believes that Crist is going to get into the race sooner than later.

Even Rick Scott has been doing his homework about the potential challenger. "The four years before I became a governor, the state had lost 825,000 jobs. Unemployment had gone from 3.5%-11.1%."

Governor Scott seldom uses the front door to his office, but a lot of other people do. And if Charlie Crist gets into the race, the portrait is sure to be a reminder of just how fluid power can be.

Scott has promised to create 700,000 new jobs in seven years. To meet that challenge, voters will have to decide if he deserves more than the four years in office they gave him in 2010.

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