Search Continues for Missing Bayou George Man

A week after the family of a Bayou George man reported him missing, his disappearance is still a mystery.

70 year old Arthur Edward Moore was last seen early morning September 9th in the area of the fire station on Highway 2301 heading in the direction of Highway 231.

His family called the Bay County Sheriff's Office when he failed to return to his home on Stauber Lane.

They say he left his home without his cell phone, extra clothing, his wallet, keys or medication.

They say he has serious medical needs that require his prescriptions.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is using all resources looking for some answers.

" We've had our air unit up, we've had our k-9s out there trying to find him, as well as deputies and vehicles in wooded areas and things like that. We're very much interested in finding him and ascertaining his welfare," said Major Tommy Ford.

If you know anything that could help locate Arthur Edward Moore, call 747-4700 or Cime Stoppers at 785-tips.