Search Continues for Missing Westville Woman

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Holmes County Sheriff, Tim Brown said a call came into dispatch around 8:40 Saturday night, reporting a young woman pacing the Choctawhatchee River bridge.

"They had saw her up there and then they came back- which wasn't too much longer," he explained. "A couple people spotted her, had seen her up there. But, [when they returned] she was gone and the vehicle was still up there."

Authorities believed Cynthia Johnson (26) parked her car on the Holmes County side of the bridge, placed her bracelet on a water level meter that was mounted to the bridge, and went over the side.

"It appears she could have jumped off the bridge," Brown said. "So, since that time we've been searching. We've had divers in the river see if we could find anything."

Brown was vague about the details, but said he believed Johnson had personal issues that could have led her to want to take her own life.

"I think there had been some issues maybe but I'm not going to get into any of that, things that could have appeared to make her want to."

Though the bridge was only 30 feet above water, Brown told us the jump into the cold, murky water would have been lethal.

"Down at the bottom of the river you've got stuff like pieces of the bridge that used to be there when they were rebuilding the bridge. Plus, it's pretty cool out there so if she did, the body may not float back up for several days if something hasn't caught her."

Divers have been searching those underwater obstacles hoping to recover Johnson's body.

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