Search Leads Deputies Back to Suspects Home

A search for a suspect wanted for burglarizing a car and stealing a firearm and then stealing another vehicle ended about 9:00 Monday morning when deputies located the suspect back in the same house where the crime spree began.

BCSO deputies and Criminal investigators believe after conducting an investigation that at about 2:00 Monday morning, the suspect, Daniel Carmichael, left the rental home in the 5000 block of Thomas Drive on Panama City Beach where he was spending a few days on vacation.

Statements were given to deputies that Carmichael got into an altercation with others in the home and left.

At that time, Carmichael allegedly broke into a nearby vehicle and took a firearm.

A short time later Carmichael allegedly stole a vehicle and drove around Panama City Beach, stopping to fire the gun into the air several times at Beach Drive and Irwin Street before driving another three blocks and wrecking the car just a few houses away from the vacation home where he was staying.

BCSO deputies and K-9 bloodhounds were tracking near the beach when a man came out of the vacation home, asking who the deputies were searching for.

Deputies gave the man the description witnesses to the car crash had given them.

They were searching for a white male wearing no shirt with a cast on his left arm.

The man went back into the house only to come out a few minutes later to tell deputies it occurred to him that the suspect they were looking for was one of the guests staying in the same vacation home with him and that the suspect was asleep in the house at this time.

19 year old Daniel Carmichael of Clermont, Georgia, was found asleep in his bed and was taken into custody and charged with burglary of a conveyance while armed, grand theft of a motor vehicle, and burglary of a conveyance.

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