Search for Missing Georgia Man Shines Light on Transient Camps

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- When Jaime Arrendale came to Panama City Beach to hunt for her missing son, Cameron, she thought she'd be looking around the house her son told her he was living in.

"And he is living in a tent in some woods by a pond. The people here told me he was doing drugs everyday," said Arrendale.

Smith first came to Panama City Beach during spring break. He went home briefly to Rex, Georgia, only to return 3 weeks ago with one of his best friends.

"This place is a really fun place to live and it can be paradise for you if you want to get a job and live and have a life. But if you come down here just to party, bad things will happen, " said Justin Paul Walker.

Smith and 6 others have been living in a transient camp near a pond behind Purple Haze on front beach road.

Arrendale says her son, living as a transient, is a complete 180 from the life he lived back home in Georgia. She's blaming drugs.

"It only takes that one time. It only takes one time for you to lose reality. For you to lose focus. For your dreams and goals to go out the window," said Arrendale.

"I'm going to keep looking for my friend, and hoping for the best that he comes back. But I really miss my family, I talked to them yesterday and they were talking about helping me get back home... Because i can't take it," said Paul Walker.