Seaside Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Truman Show

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SEASIDE-- Fifteen years ago Hollywood cast and crew ascended upon the small town of Seaside to shoot a now famous movie, the Truman Show. Little did anyone living in the town at the time know -- how much of an impact the movie would have.

"Everyone wants to come here and see where the movie was filmed. If there's any memorabilia left from it. Or where certain places are. Where he lived" said Manager of Modica Market Charles Modica

"Really benefited the entire time fifteen years ago. It helped to build the seaside neighborhood school from the location fees and it helped seaside become nationally recognized for a whole group of people who ordinarily wouldn't visit seaside" said Seaside Times Editor Wendy Dixon.

As part of the celebration the town has activities planned highlighting the movie.

"To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Truman Show you can pick up a copy of the Seaside Times and you can take the Truman tour in which you can visit the top 15 areas where the Truman Show was filmed" said Dixon.

The scavenger hunt is also where the winner will take home a copy of the movie and get pictures in the local newspaper. Seaside officials say the town has grown tremendously since the movie and believe it will continue to do so for years to come.

For more information about the contest or Truman Show facts you can visit seaside’s website by linking on the link below.

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