Second Parasailing Accident Victim Leaves Bay Medica/ Sacred Heart

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PANAMA CITY - The second parasailing accident victim was released from Bay Medical Center/Sacred Heart on Sunday.

Sidney Good was flown to Indianapolis for further evaluation and possibly more surgery. She will need reconstructive surgery to repair fractures in her face and forehead.

Sidney and her best friend, Alexis Fairchild, were injured nearly two weeks ago when their tow rope broke free from the boat pulling their parasail. The 17-year-old girls hit a condo building, power lines and several cars.

On Saturday, Sidney was able to stand up and walk for the first time since the July 1st accident. She walked a short distance from her hospital bed to a chair in her room where she was able to sit up to eat.

Over the past few days, Sidney has been talking more and memories of the day of the accident are coming back.

Sidney is not yet ready for a rehabilitation hospital yet. So she is not being reunited with Alexis, who checked into Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana on Thursday.

Sidney’s parent’s released a statement thanking Bay Medical/Sacred Heart and “the people of Panama City for the prayers and caring during this terrible time in our lives. We hope to return sometime when both of the girls are well and see all of our new friends again. And of course, enjoy a beach vacation.”

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