Second Parasailing Lawsuit Filed Targeting Rope Distributor

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Local attorney Wes Pittman has filed a second lawsuit against several companies involved in this past summer's parasailing accident.

Pittman represents Sidney Good, the other Indiana teenager, critically injured in the crash. He believes the rope distributor that carried the girls is also at fault.

Nearly 7 months ago, two Indiana teenagers decided to take a parasailing ride while vacationing in Panama City Beach.

The tow-rope snapped allowing the girls to drift toward into the Commodore Condominiums on Thomas Drive. They smashed into a balcony and then tumbled into a parking lot.

Local attorney Wes Pittman is representing one of the teens, Sidney Good. Pittman is blaming the tow rope's distributor, Phoenix Rope and Cordage from Joliet, Illinois.

"They sold the rope knowing it was dangerous under these circumstances. They did it intentionally and the girls were just catastrophically hurt as a result," said Pittman.

Pittman points out there was a small warning label that read the rope should not be used when "life, limb, or personal safety are involved," but he claims Phoenix managers sold it to Aquatic Adventures anyway.

Another new detail in Pittman's complaint shows Aquatic Adventures workers dipped the two girls in the Gulf of Mexico twice. The Good family only paid for one.

"That second dip and the time required to do that was critical in this case because it permitted that thunderstorm and the outflow boundary winds to then pick up and gust like crazy," said Pittman.

Alexis Fairchild's attorneys also say weather was a major part of the accident.

Besides Phoenix and Aquatic Adventures , the negligence and product liability lawsuit also includes Treasure Island Resort.

Managers from Aquatic Adventures, Treasure Island Resort Condominiums, and Phoenix Rope and Cordage are just learning about the new lawsuit and would not comment at this time.