Security Cameras Catch Brazen Burglars in the Act

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Mexico Beach- Caught on camera! Two brazen burglars were caught on security cameras busting right into Toucan's Restaurant in Mexico Beach early Monday morning going straight for the safe.

"They knew exactly where to go, they didn't stop or look, they knew exactly where the office was," said Toucan's General Manager Scott Gordon.

Using the restaurant's dolley the two quickly maneuvered the safe out of the room, but not before one of them noticed the camera and turned it toward the wall.

"They did have gloves on. It wasn't totally an amateur situation. You can't really tell, but they might have even been armed," said Gordon.

Unfortunately for the burglars that wasn't the only security camera. Several others caught them going through the kitchen, then out the back into the sand.

The pair of burglars then had to drag the safe nearly 50 yards down the beach, and then somehow managed roll it up the stairs and onto their getaway car.

And as if losing the safe wasn't bad enough.

"Quite a bit of money and also we had all the deposits from the whole weekend in there," said Gordon.

Gordon went on to say he thought it was an inside job.

"The frustrating thing is this is the second time we've had an issue. Last time they couldn't get into the safe, and our feeling is it's someone that's extremely familiar with the restaurant," said Gordon.

But citing the incredibly clear security cam video and the $5,000 reward the restaurant is offering, he said he's confident it won't take long to catch those responsible.

"We just want to find who did it. Not only does it hurt us, I think it hurts the community too," said Gordon.

If you have any information regarding the burglary, call the Mexico Beach Police Department at (850) 648-4790 or Toucan's at (850) 648-8207.

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