Seminoles Help Out Local Organization in National Service Day

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PANAMA CITY - Florida State University students, alumni, and fans are pitching in to help one area organization. The Panama City Seminole Club took part in the third annual national Seminole Service Day.

The Panama City area Seminole club had a few options to choose from when it came to this year's Seminole Service Day.

They chose the Boys and Girls Club of Bay County by cleaning up their aquatics center. Volunteers arrived Saturday and immediately started tackling all sorts of tasks.

"We have them pressure washing, we have them raking, we have them cutting the bushes. They're mowing our ditches, they're....they're helping us clean the pool, they're helping us rake. They're doing a lot of heart-warming things to help us because we're non-profit and we needed this today," said Barbara Dinse of the Boys & Girls Club Aquatics.

Even the local club president and NewsChannel 7's very own Chris Smith got his hands dirty. As did Neysa Wilkins.

"It seemed like they really needed the help here. I understand that they don't really have a lot of volunteers to help with all the work they have to do around here so i guess it was just built up on them so we chose the Boys & Girls Club," said Connie Warren of the Panama City Seminole Club.

It's not just today that the aquatics center needs help. It's been open for nine years and almost closed several times.

"The pool needs public support because it's supposed to be a public pool. It usually only costs 2 to 3 dollars to come swim at the pool. We're not able to keep it open for public swim because we don't have enough interest in the pool," said Dinse.

If you would like to help out, you can call the Boys & Girls Club of Bay County at (850) 763-2076.