Sen. Gaetz Meets with Locals for Neighborhood Day

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz kept up with his practice of holding neighborhood day events, visiting Freeport Wednesday.

Gaetz set up shop at the Freeport Community Center, meeting with residents on a number of issues, from paving roads to Medicare and job creation.

Gaetz says that his main priority next year is promoting economic recovery. He pointed out that state government doesn't create jobs, but can sometimes prohibit job growth by passing too many regulatory laws. The Legislature can prevent that from happening by maintaining attractive incentives to attract and keep businesses.

Gaetz says a number of residents kept talking about one specific issue, Florida's controversial stand your ground law.

"People in north Florida are strong second amendment supporters and they believe in self-defense, they believe if their lives or their loved ones are threatened they want to be able to defend themselves," said Gaetz. "So I think that's the message that I'm hearing from people in this area and that's certainly my own feeling as well."

Gaetz's son, State Representative Matt Gaetz will hole a public hearing on stand your ground next month in front of the Criminal Justice committee he chairs.