Senator Bill Nelson Meets With Supporters In Panama City

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Panama City- Senator Bill Nelson is making stops in the Florida panhandle as part of the "Florida First" tour.

He's hoping to beat out his Republican opponent U.S. Representative Connie Mack IV and score another six years in Washington.

He met with supporters at the Democratic Women's Club of Bay County on Monday morning and discussed several hot topics including the attacks in Benghazi.

"I suspected that even the day after the attack that Al Qaeda was involved, indirectly, if not directly," said Nelson.

If re-elected, Nelson has plans for a tax code overhaul.

"The whole tax code will be rewritten. We'll get rid of a lot of the tax loop-holes. We will use that revenue to then lower everybody's rates to simplify the tax code and the rest of the revenue to lower the deficit," said the senator.

Nelson also says he wants to protect the Health Care Reform Act regardless of the presidential election outcome.

Senator Nelson has plans to stop in Chipley on Tuesday, the same town his great great grandfather settled in around 1829. He'll also stop in Marianna and Tallahassee.

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