Senator: Parasailing Safety Legislation Has Better Chance of Passing

State Senator Maria Sachs says she believes parasailing safety legislation she is pushing has a better chance of passing when other bills have failed over the last five years.

There has been a renewed push for legislation since an horrific accident on Panama City Beach this past summer.

Two Indiana teenagers were badly injured July 1st in a terrifying parasailing crash.

High winds blew the two girls into the side of a building, over the top and to the parking lot below.

17-year-old Sidney Good suffered a broken neck, among many other injuries.

17-year-old Alexis Fairchild suffered severe head injuries as well as a broken back.

Both are back in Indiana after multiple surgeries.

Senator Sachs says her proposed legislation has the support of commercial parasail operators and that should improve its chances in the legislature.

Her bill would establish stricter safety standards for operators, including a ban on parasailing when winds are above 20 mph.

Operators would also have to get a license from the US Coast Guard.